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CCTV survey and associated light jetting

Highwood Mill📍 Over several days we recently carried out CCTV survey, associated light jetting and supplied a  report package for our valued client @tim bishop @TP & J Project Management Services Ltd The report was required urgently and so was sent over within 24hrs of completion. Did you know that we have recently introduced a […]

Clear debris & blockages from small diameter gullies

Kent 📍 Our super combi jet vac unit recently carried out High-pressure jetting to clear debris and blockages from small diameter gullies. The high-pressure water stream  dislodged and removed obstructions, restoring proper drainage flow. It’s commonly used in sewer and drainage maintenance to prevent backups and flooding. The job was successfully completed in 1 shift due […]

Supply Chain School Sustainability Silver Award

We are pleased to announce that Hydro Descaling / InSewer Surveys has received the Supply Chain School Sustainability Silver Award! It’s a significant achievement that reflects our commitment to sustainability within your supply chain and our dedication to environmental and social responsibility.

Are you involved in managing drainage infrastructure?

⁉️ Are you involved in managing drainage infrastructure? Do you comes across challenges in locating buried manholes and associated pipework accurately? ⁉️ The Old Waterworks, Charing📍 We recently carried out a CCTV survey and electronic trace to locate and expose buried manhole and associated pipework for our valued client Quinn Estates Next time you’re planning drainage […]

CCTV Report Update

You shouldn’t have to contact a company that carried out a CCTV Survey for you and ask to them to re-issue or send over the video footage of the survey. We removed this issue when we embedded video links into our reports offering online viewing access at your fingertips. The link lasts for 3 months […]

CCTV condition survey of drainage systems

Horniman Museum & Gardens , Lewisham   Our operatives successfully completed works over a couple of days for our valued client @Subsight Surveys Limited Two of our CCTV / van pack jetting units carried out cleaning and  a CCTV condition survey of drainage systems in key areas around the site. Within a couple of days […]

Super Combi Jet Vacuum & CCTV unit

📍 Langston Road. Loughton. Our Super Combi Jet Vacuum Unit & one of our CCTV units working together to successfully carry out a cctv condition and connectivity survey of the accessible external underground foul and surface water drainage systems at the site for our valued Client Will Rudd Davidson (Glasgow) Ltd This photo also won photo […]