Hydro Descaling

Sewer Repairs and Pipe Lining

Sewer Repairs and Pipe Lining

In conjunction with specialist partners we to offer a complete range of specialist non-intrusive repairs, such as:

  • CIPP Lining

Essentially a joint less, seamless, pipe-within-a-pipe where a polyurethane coated felt tube is either winched or inverted through defective pipe lines and expanded to the contours of the host pipe with the pressure from either water or air, depending on which process.  After curing the liner will form a hard, tough, structural pipe inside the old defective pipe.

  • Resin Patch Repairs

The process of Patch repairing a sewer is similar to that of relining but involves installing a short localised resin liner using an inflatable packer. Patch drain repairs smooth over displaced joints, seal cracks and holes and seal groundwater or root infiltration.

Instead of lining the full length of the pipe, from manhole to manhole. A portion of the pipe is repaired only. This section can be anywhere along the pipe length and the repair can be from 0.5m to 5-6m in length. Localised patch drain repairs smooth over displaced joints, seal cracks and holes reducing the resistance caused by such defects therefore increasing the flow of solids and liquids helping to prevent future blockages in a problem drain. The patch repair would also prevent further root ingress, water ingress or egress by sealing the pipe internally and restoring the structural stability of the pipe. This method is also successfully used worldwide to seal pipes with water infiltration or those that have failed air tests which can prevent sewer adoption.

  • Full structural repair bonding to existing pipe even in wet conditions
  • Resistant to chemicals and abrasio
  • Hard surface finish gives improved flow characteristics
  • Tapered edges give a smooth flow transition

  • Quick-Lock Patch Repairs

The Quick-Lock has been specifically designed to repair local damage in sewers, drains and pressure pipes without excavation. This is achieved by the installation of a rubber coated, high grade steel repair liner. It offers fast installation sealing leaks and defects immediately with no curing time or use of resins

Key features for this installation are;

  • Quick Installation (typical 15 minutes)
    • No traffic congestion
    • Potentially 20 patches a day
  • All Mechanical, No chemicals
    • No waiting for resin to harden
  • Proven Technology and materials
    • Stainless Steel and EPDM rubber
  • Wide Range of sizes
    • From 150 mm-800 mm remote installation
    • >800 mm installation using Quick-Lock Big
  • Can be installed during flow


Manhole spraying with Ergelit from Hermes Technology

Manhole Rehabilitation

 The M-Coating technique was developed in conjunction with ERGELIT dry mortars KS and KT, and is used for fully automatic cleaning, repairing, making good or renovating leaking and/or corroded shafts in water and sewage networks.

M-Coating renovation technique is suitable for round and rectangular manhole shafts and chambers from 500mm to 1500mm diameter. Using the centrifugal spray unit walls of shafts up to 10 metres deep can be coated to any thickness.