Hydro Descaling

Combination Jet Vac Cleaning

Combination Jet Vac Cleaning

We are always available to deal with all types of drainage / flooding issues and our highly qualified teams regularly clean and de silt sewers and surface water drains from 100mm through to 1000mm diameter culverts.

Our super hi spec Kaiser Whale Recycling Jet Vac Unit has a deep lift suction pump and 200m of jetting hose delivering up to 90 gallons per minute @ 2900 psi.

Sewer silts/waste etc are sucked into the large integral debris tank via a multi positional 320 degree suction hose 18m long which can reach 8m below ground before attaching additional hoses.

By effectively reusing dirty water for jetting, the unit maximises time spent working, whilst minimising time wasted tapping into precious, clean water supplies.

The machine has the capability of being operated single handed by use of dedicated full radio remote control and digital control unit.

Using the latest jet and suction technology, we can;

– Remove silt, grease, scale, sand and blockages from foul and surface water sewers.

– Clean petrol and Oil interceptors.

– Clean and de silt pump pits and wet wells

– Clean catch pits, gullies and soakaways

– Remove sludge/silt from confined spaces.

Hydro Descaling is a registered Waste Carrier under the disposal of Waste Regulations 2011.