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CCTV Surveys

CCTV Surveys

Sample CCTV Report

InSewer Surveys have invested heavily in the latest CCTV surveying technology. Our survey units have been custom built to incorporate the most efficient use of available workspace for our engineers and clients. All of our heated survey units are now powered by on board battery technology which are much more environmentally friendly – gone are the days of noisy generators!

We use the most modern CCTV survey equipment. Our survey units have both tractor and push rod systems. We also now carry fully mobile battery powered units for work in basements, rear gardens etc.

We offer a variety of CCTV surveys – domestic, mini-main line and main line.

  • Domestic survey units, some now with on board jetting facilities are capable of surveying 100-225mm diameter drainage systems, using a small flexible push rod system. Ideal for house and small industrial surveys.
  • Mini-Mainline units are capable of surveying 100-600mm diameter drainage systems incorporating both push rod and mini tractor systems. Ideal for most industrial and commercial surveys.
  • Mainline CCTV units are capable of surveying 100-1800mm diameter drainage systems and culverts including a large tractor unit with a “pan and tilt” camera head. The length of survey from one access point can be up to 300 metres. Ideal for Water Authority, Municipal Contracts and specialist “one off surveys”

All surveys are carried out by our highly trained, skilled and qualified engineers to the Water Industry OS20X standard. On site input and validation of the survey results is carried out using the latest Wincan reporting software using on board industrial computers.

Upon completion of the site works, Full Colour Reports are issued by email in Adobe pdf format and video footage can now be downloaded from the cloud from within the report.

Typical applications include:

  • Inspection of drains and sewers
  • Monitoring of specialist repair works within sewers
  • Monitoring of sewer cleaning
  • Inspection of deep shafts and confined spaces
  • Inspection of service ducts.