The River Irk Looking an interesting colour !!!

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We have been trying to get our heads round why the River Irk has changed to a beautiful orange colour, have you got any ideas???

‘Stunned environment officers have been left baffled by a city centre stretch of water that has turned an unusual shade of orange.

Eagle-eyed residents in Manchester reported the unexplained phenomenon yesterday afternoon, after spotting water in the River Irk looking distinctly darker than usual.’


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The UK Weather – How it affects our drainage systems.

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The UK Weather; how it affects our drainage systems.

Ah, our wonderful United Kingdom. Our country the boasts ever changing, unpredictable weather conditions like what we experienced this weekend. With our summer undoubtedly bring rain and even with the rising temperatures and humidity we can be inundated with freak storms and flash floods that cause destruction all over the country.

Unwanted presents from Mother Nature

The lovely, summer weather, combined with our standard heavy downpours, creates the perfect environment for your flourishing flowers and thriving trees, yet the speedy growth of the roots can cause a problem for underground drains. The power of Mother Nature means that these roots can penetrate drains, causing them to crack, leak and become blocked.

Unfortunately, when these types of blockages and problems occur, the only way to pinpoint their exact location is with a CCTV camera. Who is accountable for the clearance of the blockage depends on where the problem is, responsibility may lie with the property owner or the local water company. If you suspect a blockage in one of your drains, contact your water company who will then determine who is liable to pay for clearance.

Dealing with Blockages

Big storms and large measures of rainfall go hand in hand. Heavy rainfall can cause the moss on the rooftops of properties to come away from the tiles and fall into the external drains. The moss then blocks the drains, reducing the amount of water than can flow freely away from properties, causing floods. Floods can have disastrously detrimental effects on people’s homes, causing significant amount of damage as well as creating foul-smelling odours for residents.

It is possible in some cases to limit the effects of blockages caused by leaves and moss. It is a good idea to check your external drains on a regular basis, as this will reduce the effect of this kind of debris and go some way to preventing flooding in your property.

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